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Military Water Treatment Applications

AMPAC USA’s mobile water systems and military water treatment system applications are an area in which we offer our professional expertise and strong customer service. In the United States military, reverse osmosis water purification units are used on the battlefield and in training. Capacities range from 1,500 gallons per day (GPD) to 150,000 GPD, depending on the need. The most common of these are the 600 gallons per hour (GPH) and the 3,000 GPH units.

Mobile Military Water Treatment Systems and Military Mobile Units Application Systems are beneficial to purify salt water and water contaminated with nuclear/biological/chemical contamination. During a normal 24-hour period, one unit can produce 12,000 to 60,000 gallons of water, with a required 4-hour maintenance window to check systems, pumps, reverse osmosis elements and the engine generator. Sodium silicates are used in water treatment for corrosion inhibition, iron and manganese control as well as a coagulant aid. Silicates are an economical, effective and environmentally conscious method for military water treatment applications. We are recognized as a water treatment company specializing in custom fabrications from residential to military grade.   

AMPAC Pure, is The U. S Military Mobile Water Systems, primier manufacturer, supplier and distributor providing the Highest Quality at the Best Prices for reverse osmosis mobile water systems and military water unit systems. As one of the largest U.Sof water treatment equipment and water treatment processes, we are also recognized for our technical services, instrumentation, bio-pharmaceutical and filtration specialists. We focus on a wide variety of commercial, industrial, maritime and military applications. Military water treatment applications, from AMPAC USA, are another way that we bring a quality water supply to you.

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