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Mobile Reverse Osmosis Systems

Mobile reverse osmosis systems and mobile Water treatment Systems, from AMPAC USA, can provide an entire community with potable water. Reserve osmosis is achieved by applying high pressure to seawater to counteract the osmotic flow. Saltwater is basically forced through a semi-permeable membrane, which removes all the dissolved solids and produces fresh, potable water on the other side. This method rejects at least 98 percent of salts, contaminants and pollutants from seawater.

Mobile Reverse osmosis filtration systems  have a filter pore size of about 0.0001 micron. After water passes through an osmosis filter, it is essentially pure water. This method allows the removal of numerous types of large molecules and ions from solutions through applying an amount of pressure to the solution so that the solute is retained and pure solvent is allowed to pass through the water filtration systems. Reverse osmosis is based on the pursuit for balance and the production of ultra pure water and boiler feed water. This process of reverse osmosis is beneficial to purify water, which is how our mobile reverse osmosis systems can provide pure water to an entire community.

Our mission is to provide the best quality mobile water purification, filtration and treatment systems with a complete line of reverse osmosis systems In addition to warehousing and distribution, we are noted for our strong technical services instrumentation, bio-pharmaceutical filtration. We, at AMPAC USA, offer the lowest prices and the best customer satisfaction in water treatment. We are here to assist with all of your specific customized applications. Our customers appreciate the care we take in bringing the best water possible to you. The AMPAC USA ultrafiltration reverse osmosis systems provide the most advanced water treatment solutions. AMPAC USA’s mobile reverse osmosis systems bring the highest quality supply to our customers.

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  • Mobile Water Treatment up to 175 GPM

    Mobile Water Treatment up to 175 GPM


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  • Sea Water Desalination for Portable Emergency Applications 150 GPD

    Sea Water Desalination for Portable Emergency Applications 150 GPD


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  • Sea Water Desalination Plant 5000GPD (5000 Gallons per Day)

    Sea Water Desalination Plant 5000GPD (5000 Gallons per Day)


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  • SLR-05



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  • SLR-18



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  • TR40K



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Ampac Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems are manufactured in the USA using the highest (NSF-WQA) Certified Quality Components. All Ampac systems come standard with high flow tubing tank to faucet, quick connect fittings, integral shut-off, high capacity membrane, and other features that are extras with our competitors. Your system will arrive complete with installation hardware, faucet, storage tank, and fittings to have you up and running in an hour or two. You can have your system configured with a variety of options: up to 100 gallons per day in a residential system, booster pump, delivery pump, larger tank, color faucet, etc. Commercial reverse osmosis systems are available also from 200 GPD to 1,000,000 GPD. Call for information.